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Still Life: the best pencil shading drawing…

A Still Life is a type of art that mainly focuses on the object. Usually, you can make it by keeping the objects on the table or beside you. There are many objects that u can make like Fruits basket, Flowers in the pot or vase and Household items like glasses, utensils, textiles etc.

Still Life

A Still Life is basically of the objects which are not alive. It is also a practice of making constant objects which are kept in the way we want.

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Still Life Drawing: Few easy steps

Making Still Life Drawings in your routine with the routine objects. This will make your Still Life on the top level, as in every drawing it’ll improve your proportions, shapes, lines, the direction of shadow, texture etc.

Some levels to make any Still Life drawing, you need to follow these steps in the order mentioned below:

Drawing level 1

Make some lines horizontally and vertically crossing each other on a white page. But your lines should not be too dark because if your line will be too dark then you will not be to make changes in it. If you have made some changes also

Drawing level 2


Now by taking one horizontal as the center and one vertical line as the base of the center point, make a rough sketch of the object that you are going to make with little measurements.

 Still Life

Drawing level 3

After making the shapes around the rough lines, if you are satisfied that the shapes are correct, then erase the line which is not required in the shapes. Now, your drawing is completed.

Still Life

Drawing level 4

Try to sketch it as light as u can. After that make the shadow for it, it should be also done too lightly and try to make the drawing as it is looking like. If there is any shadow the make it, the tone of shades should also be perfect. If the little portion is in the darker shade then make it that much darker.

 Still Life

Drawing level 5

If you have made more then one shape then there must be some blank space between those objects. Now what you have to do is shade the blank space near the object. The tone of sketching should be from a dark shade to the light shade. Dark shade will be near the objects.

 Still Life

Still Life sketching: completed

Now your sketch is finally done with all the levels mentioned above. It’s just looking like a real thing which is represented with the help of sketching.


Still Life sketches

There can be a Still Life Sketch of each and every object near us. Making any of the objects near around us are non-living, So we can easily make Still Life Sketches of the objects.

Still Life

You are reading a book then you can make a Still life Sketch of that book. The one is sitting on a dining table and sees the fruit basket beside him/her. You are sitting lonely somewhere and you see a chair in front of you, then you can sketch that chair. and there are many more such examples like these…


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