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How to make a sketch: different from others

Here, in this article, you will get knowledge and you will learn about- how we can make a sketch different from others?

If you want to do so, then you need a lot of practice in the field of sketching. You should be regular with your sketching part, Even though you should be more attentive in learning something new and innovative.


For suppose you made a sketch today and later on after a week or after a month you make another sketch, then it would not be that much help to you rather than making something in your daily routine, whether a proper sketch or some shapes with some shadings etc.

Introduction to sketch

Now, we’re going to focus on how we can make our sketches different?

Making a sketch different from other we need to be more Realistic, attentive, updated, imaginative etc. we can do this if we are both attentive and imaginative.


• If we are attentive, then that means we are having a great knowledge about, what is going on in our surrounding. The knowledge about The art and what artistic things are in trend.

• If we are imaginative, then our mind never stops thinking. It continuously thinks of different things and thinks about some new ideas. We do not stop thinking if we are enough imaginative.


For example: If we think that we have to do that or we will make something creative out of this. Then continuously, every day we think about that only and that what makes us be more attentive and imaginative.

Realistic Sketch

The word Realistic consists of different meanings. The real word comes out of the word realistic, which means not imaginative. Realistic is just opposite from the imaginative one.

There can be some ways of thinking about reality. If you want the quick results for your innovative sketch or drawing then it’s upon you. That means how you take the realistic word, with what meaning…


Firstly, Realistic is based on the incidents, real situations of our life. This also comes under the real meaning. It’s not till here if sketching is your passion or your dream then it’s not required to tell you, where you can make drawings with a realistic view.

Secondly, A Realistic sketch is about what you make by looking at the photo of the real views, human figures, flowers, animals etc., whose pic has been clicked by you somewhere. This also comes in Realistic Sketching.

Finally, your Realistic Sketch can get completed by such ideas and techniques. But the most important part of your sketching should be innovative and creative.

Note: If you are not getting familiar with these steps then start with  “Basic Sketching“. It will guide you from the starting of the sketch.

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