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Scenery Drawing: The beautiful Nature all around…

The Nature all around us is a scene and is referred to as Scenery Drawing. Nature is a very beautiful gift by God. All the natural scenes can be drawn. These Natural Scenes are said to be a Scenery. There is a Nature all around which always speaks.

The Scenery is the part of our natural life. Nature, which is all around us. Our life is depended on Nature. There is a lot of optimism in the changing scenery.

Scenery Drawing

Scenery Drawing Easy


Natural Sketching is very easy whereas Scenery Drawing is also similar to this. Natural sketching is the way of creating Nature or Natural Scenes. The Scenery can be made of different objects like:

  1. Mountains: Every Scenery is Started with Mountains till it ends. Mountains are a very important part of every Scenery and Natural Drawing. It can be either Mountain covered with snow or the Rocky Mountains.
  2. Trees: As Trees are a very essential part of Nature which is very important for the life of Human Being. As our life is depended upon the Nature Similarly the Scenery is also lifeless without Trees. Thus, it requires trees in the scenery.
  3. River: Basically, the river is present in most every Scenery. This is also one of the major parts of Scenery having a river in the drawing. It depends on the drawing. If it is expressing the night scene than the river will be of darker shade otherwise it will be of its natural shade.
  4. Sun and Moon: Sun and Moon also play a very important role of Nature every day. Everyday Sunrise and Sunset take place. And soon the sunsets, the moon rises in the sky at night. It is all a part of the revolution of Nature.
  5. Many More: Scenery has many more things included in it like:
  • Either Houses or Huts on the land.
  • Animals like Cow, Goats, Dogs, Buffaloes etc.
  • Boats near the rivers.
  • Facings around the houses and huts.
  • Temples on the Mountains with stairs at the side.
  • Waterfall from the top looks like water falling from the sky.
  • Swans, Ducks, Dolphins, Fishes etc.
  • Clouds in the sky with a Rainbow.
  • And the People either villagers or People living in cities.

Scenery Drawing for class 8

For class 8, the drawing moves a step forward from that of class 6 and 7. The drawing of a scenery brings a little high level for them. This high level brings the scenery to look even more natural and real. The imagination should also look like a real scene of Nature.

The level changes in the scenery making are like Mixing and Merging of different colors, Making scenery using different types of colors like Soft pastels, Watercolors, Pencil Color Sketching etc.

For making a scenery, the Basic Sketching knowledge should be clear. Which means, the different strokes should be very much fine. You can learn the stokes and the Basic Sketching by moving to my another article: Basic Sketching.


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