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How to start painting: Beginner’s guide for 2018

Great! so you want to start Painting…

But… There’s so much information there on the web, and everyone’s telling you to do the painting. Whom do you listen to? Where’s the starting point?


You are on the correct website. Here you will get all the information related to all the kinds of paintings.



Before starting with the details you must know the Definition. It is an art which is painted. We can also express our imagination, feelings of somebody and even the live situations.

We can paint our paintings on many types of surfaces, It can be a canvas, paper but it should be a thick sheet rather than the normal one.
Paintings can be of anything. It can be natural, imagined, real etc. etc. You can paint landscapes, birds, animals, human figures etc.


What you should start with…

So, I’m going to tell you, what you should exactly start your painting with?

If you do not have an idea that of what you are starting with then read these points……


• The painting has quickly become one of the most popular ways of expressing your imagination. There are literally many arts available online.

• It’s a great way through which you can let others know about your ideas and a fantastic way of imagining the things.

• Just start with that which are the drawings, most liked by you.

Making an art take a little while, but it’s totally upon you. That is what time you have finished your art with. To grab some ideas you can take coffee, juice and even tea to get you to mind think something impressive and new.

Types of Painting

There are many kinds of paintings with different types of colors used. You can use any of them for your painting. In India, there are several kinds of painting even there will be some to which you are not known about…..


1) Poster Color 
2) Acrylic
3) Watercolor 
4) Oil
5) Glass
6) Abstract
7) Pastel Color
8) Spray
9) Digital
10) Sand

How to make a painting just in 5 steps:

There are five main steps you need to follow. If you follow this guide exactly, You’ll have an amazingly outstanding art.

1. Either choose any Drawing/ Draw your imagination on a rough paper

2. Then lightly draw your painting on the surface

3. Choose the type of color, you want to use

4. Now, Paint the drawn image

5. Make some finishing in your art, so that it can overcome out of it

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