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Best Guide: Drawing Ideas

Drawing is the way for you to show your level of thinking and creativity. You can use several different Drawing Ideas to make your drawing more interesting and creative. So that,  people must keep watching them till they did not make them on their own.

However, the drawing is not that easy as it looks like. So, if you want to make your drawing to be loved more by people than there must be some uniqueness in your drawing. which needs a lot of practice on your drawing using some drawing ideas.

“Don’t sit and think of Drawing Ideas, Anytime if any of the ideas come to your mind then just try to either write it down or make it at that time only….”

“If you want to display your Art, you do not have to be a great artist..”

The list given below includes some easy drawing ideas :

1)    Draw your favorite bird

Drawing Ideas

Drawing Ideas

2)    Draw a bicycle

3)    Draw a glass filled with water

4)    Draw different rocks

 Drawing Ideas

5)    Draw some trees

6)    Draw a modern hut

Drawing Ideas

7)    Draw some mountains

Drawing Ideas

8)    Draw a pair of shoes

9)    Draw some fruits in a basket

10)    Draw whatever you like

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Some Cool Drawing Ideas

Cool drawing Ideas do not vary from person to person. It is just the power of thinking of one person to another. I would prefer you to just make some household objects like Boxes, Teapot, Utensils etc.

 Drawing Ideas

Just keep an object in front of you and then try to make a still life sketch… If you want to make it little difficult for you then you can change its position like By keeping the object little far, By putting the object on a table, By keeping the object in different direction etc…

There must be many questions that must be arising in your mind that :

Drawing Ideas

Some Cool Drawing Ideas:

  • Your feet ( or someone’s else feet)
  • Trees outside your window
  • A Necklace, Ring or any another kind of Jewellery (combining it with still life)
  • Beautiful butterflies sitting on a flower
  • Birds flying high in the sky
  • Most interesting pair if Shoes / Sandles
  • Fresh Healthy Fruits
  • Honey Bees taking nectar from flowers
  • A Boy falling down


Drawing Ideas for Teenagers

There are so many drawing ideas out on the internet that Teenagers can easily draw. Drawing Ideas for Teenagers is to try to intimate some sketches of the things or objects which are around them. Teenagers should be passionate about their own drawing ideas. You should try to make your own ideas related to the drawing you are going to make.

 Drawing IdeasDrawing Ideas

Some Interesting Drawing Ideas for Teenagers :




1)    Sketching


(B and HB)Pencils, Eraser, sharpener, Merging cloth


    Start the sketching part with the basic sketching… 

    use of the pencil should be very light.

2)    Painting


Paint colors, Brushes, Rough cloth, Palate 


    Your Painting should be thoughtful, with a meaning… That on what basis you have made it.

3)    Still life


All types of Pencils from HB to B, Eraser, Sharpener


      In Still Life. your sketch should look realistic and your strokes should be perfect. 

4)    Doodling


Permanent Marker( both size), Color Pens and Black Pen


      Doodling is the part, in which you can draw whatever you like and you can make it the best of all.

5)    Watercolor


Camlin Watercolor either cake colors or tube colors, Brushes, Rough cloth, Palate


     Watercolor paintings are in very much demand nowadays and need a lot of hard work for making any paint through it.

6)    Soft Pastels


 Color box, Fixer for fixing the pastels.


       Pastel work is also not very easy as it requires a lot of patience for making it and same a lot

7)   Face



Acrylic Colors, Brushes, Rough cloth, palate       Face painting gives you a great knowledge of using colors and mixing part also gets improved.

 8)  Cloth



Acrylic Colors, Brushes, Rough cloth, palate and cloth to paint it        Cloth Painting is also a little hard to do but very interesting to make it as well.


Challenging  Drawing ideas

Challenging drawing ideas are the real concept of drawing. To draw something really is a challenging task. To be capable of performing or making a challenging drawing you must know some few things:

Drawing Ideas


  • You must know all the complicated shapes
  • All the types of strokes for different objects
  • You must know how to make a shadow from different directions
  • Your drawing must be made free-handedly
  • Your drawing must have a realistic look
  • You must know, how your drawing can communicate with others

To learn these Challenging Drawing ideas, you should learn How to make human faces, hands, their eyes, ears, emotions, expressions etc. This all can be possible only when you know, how to make portraits because each and every portrait have a different and unique face, eyes, expressions on their faces etc. So making portraits will even extend your skills also.

Drawing Ideas

Not only portraits of human’s but making a realistic Animal is also coming under Challenging Drawing Ideas. As there are many unique things in animals also, which can equally increase your skills.

Drawing Ideas

Once you have started making such type of drawing then it is guaranteed that you will not be able to stop yourself before completing that drawing.




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