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Art Museum: Gallery of Artworks

The Place or an area where art objects and our work is placed, in front of the audience, is known as an Art Museum. The Art can be any form of the object like ceramic, Sculpture, Paintings, Drawings, Photography, Videos, Filmmaking etc. Also, these all come under Visual Arts( Fine Arts).

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An art museum can be classified into Two major categories:
1. Public Museum
2. Private Museum

Art Museum

The Permanent Collection of the artwork by different Artists at a particular place is referred to as Public Museum. SimilarlyA collection of Private Artworks of An Artist placed at a place which is privately purchased for the Museum purpose is known as Private Museum.

The museum purchased by any of the institutions or any organization is called Private Museum. Similarly, Public Museum is purchased by any government or the organization can also purchase and can make it as a Public Museum.

To know more about the similarities and dissimilarities of the Private and Public Art Galleries You can click on the link and learn more about it.

Click here – Private Museum

Click here – Public Museum

Art Museum near me

Furthermore, there are many Art Museums all around the world. You will find Art Galleries and Art Museums in almost every corner of the world.

What you have to search on the google is? Just search on google “Art Museum near me” and it will provide you with all the art museums and galleries near you.

Some of the Art Museums are:

  1.  The Vatican Museums in Vatican city of Italy.
  2. Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam of the Netherlands.
  3. The Acropolis Museum in Athens at Greece.
    many more…

American Visionary Art Museum

The Museum located in the Baltimore at U.S. United States Congress designated the Art Museum as American Visionary Art Museum.
This museum in America is specialized in the display of Artworks of the different Artists( Outsider art). This Museum is covered in a very big space of 67000 square feet. This museum contains a permanent collection of the visual artworks.  The collection is more than 4000 objects.


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